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Internet-Based College English Test

Band 4
The test consists of 3 sections with different types of tasks to test your abilities of English listening, speaking, writing and reading.It will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Sample Test
Section A Listening Comprehension (Questions 1-18; 25-30 minutes)
Directions: This section contains 18 multiple choice questions based on four audio and one video clips. You should select the best answer to each question. All audio and video clips will be played twice. When they are played for the first time, you should pay attention to the main idea and answer some general comprehension questions. When they are played for the second time, you should focus on the important details and answer some specific comprehension questions.
News Item 1 Question 1 will be based on the following news item.

1. apprehensive 恐懼的,擔心的
2. trajectory 軌道,彈道
3. stumble 蹣跚而行,踉蹌
4. collaborate 合作,協作

Question 1
What is the main topic of the news report?
A. China’s economic output has exceeded that of the U. S.
B. China has emerged as a global economic powerhouse.
C. Chinese economic expansion should be welcomed.
D. China’s economic growth helps the U.S. to finance its growing debt.
Now listen again and answer Question 2.

Question 2
2. What did Treasury Secretary Paulson say about China’s economic growth in the conference call with reporters?
A. Americans feel threatened by China’s economic growth.

B. The growing Chinese economy contributes to the U.S. economy.
C. The loss of American manufacturing jobs overseas is caused by China’s economic growth.
D. China has problems in its economic development.
News Item 2 Question 3 will be based on the following news item.
1. hazardous 危險的
2. thoroughfare 大道,大街
3. respiratory 呼吸的
4. asthma 哮喘(病)
5. emphysema.肺氣腫

Question 3
3. What’s the main idea of this report?
A. Severe air pollution in Southern California caused serious health problems in children.
B. Increasing numbers of children develop asthma due to annoying air pollution.
C. Air regulations concerning housing development should be adjusted.
D. Highway air pollution constitutes a threat to children’s lungs.
Now listen again and answer Question 4.

Question 4
4. What is the main reason for the researchers to be concerned about the health of those children as adults?
A. In adulthood, their lung capacity was far weaker than in those ordinary kids.
B. Generally speaking, their lung stops to develop in adulthood .
C. Adulthood respiratory problems are likely to lead to other illnesses.
D. These children are under double effecting of air pollution.
News Item 3 Question 5 will be based on the following news item.
1. gadget 小器具,小裝置
2. craze 狂熱,風行一時的東西
3. dampener 潮濕器,增加潮濕物
4. gray market 半合法市場
5. handset 電話聽筒,手持機
6. shrug sth. off不把當回事 對滿不在乎

Question 5
5. What is the general response to Apple’s iPhone?
A. People are really excited.
B. It falls short of expectations.
C. The cost is too high.
D. It is hugely impressive.
Now listen again and answer Question 6.

Question 6
6. Why didn’t the company Airtel think that the price is an important factor?
A. The iPhones’ target consumers are the successful and the young.
B. People can get full benefits such as guarantee if they buy here in India.
C. The iPhone is an impressive combination of music and video player, cellphone and web browser.
D. India is a big market with huge demand.
News Item 4 Questions 7 to 8 will be based on the following radio interview.

1. airborne (飛機或乘客)升空
2. transceivers 無線電收發兩用機
3. cockpit 駕駛艙,駕駛座
4. simultaneous 同時的
5. roaming 漫游的
6. backlash 強烈抵制,集體反對
7. etiquette 禮節,禮儀,規矩
8. Lufthansa (德國)漢莎公司
9. premium 高昂的,優質的
10. fantastically 極其地
11. protocol (數據傳遞的)協議

Question 7
7. What does the anchor tell us about flights in the EU?
A. Laptops and MP3 players are not allowed until after a certain altitude.
B. Passengers can make calls using the phones on board the plane.
C. Flights within the EU are more talkative.
D. Mobile phones can only be turned on after the plane is airborne.

Question 8
8. How did the airliners feel about the regulation?
A. Lufthansa has made it clear that they won’t allow the internet on board.
B. Most airliners don’t think it necessary to use phones during the flight.
C. Ryan Air is currently uncertain about whether to accept it or not.
D. Airliners in general have respective views.
Now listen again and answer Questions 9 to 12.

Question 9
9. What is vital to safe use of mobile phones aboard an airplane?
A. Mobile phone signals are separated from these sent to the airplane by a base station.
B. Stronger signals sent to mobile phones won’t interfere with the technology on board.
C. The whole airplane with a transceiver linked to a satellite functions as a base station.
D. Mobile phones switched on don’t search for signals when one boards a flight.

Question 10
10. What is likely to be the pricing?
A. It is normal roaming charges.
B. It’s 4 to 8 dollars per email.
C. It is a couple of dollars for an SMS message.
D. It is around 3 dollars per minute for voice calls.

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