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          2009.12 英語四級真題試卷(高清版,聽力)

          17. 18.
          2009.12.19 英語四級考試聽力短對話原文(11-18)


          2009.12.19 英語四級聽力長對話原文(19-22)
          2009.12.19 英語四級聽力長對話原文(23-25)
          2009.12 CET4 英語四級聽力原文 - 篇章1(26-28)
          2009.12 CET4 英語四級聽力原文 - 篇章2(29-31)
          2009.12 CET4 英語四級聽力原文 - 篇章3(32-35)

          In the humanities, authors write to inform you in many ways. These methods can be (36) classified into three types of informational writing:factual, descriptive, and process. Factual writing provides (37) background information on an author, composer or artist or on a type of music, literature, or art. Examples of factual writing include notes in the book jacket or (38) album cover and longer pieces, such as an article describing a style of music which you might read ina music (39 )appreciation course. This kind of writing provides a (40) context for your study of humanities. As its name(41) implies, descriptive writing simply describes or provides an (42) image of, a piece of music, art or literature. For example, descriptive writing might list the colors an artist used in a painting or the (43)instruments a composer included in the musical composition. So as to make pictures of sounds in the readers’ mind by calling up the specific details of the work.. (44) Descriptive writing in the humanities. particularly in literature is often mixed with critical writing .Process writing explains a series of actions that bring about a result. (45).It tells the reader how to do something, for example, explaining the technique used to shoot a film. This kind of writing is often found in art, where understanding how an artist created a certain effect is important. (46)Authors may actually use more than one type of technique in the given piece of informational writing。


          2009.12.19 英語四級考試聽力點評(恩波)
          2009.12.19 英語四級聽力試題點評(昂立)

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