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            四、六級口語考試 2004 年已在全國 28 個省市的 34 個城市設立了考點 。

            口語考試成績合格者由教育部高等教育司發給證書,證書分為 A 、 B 、 C 三個等級,成績低于 C 等的不發給證書


            Stage1 問候:
            Good morning/afternoon.
            Nice/Glad/Pleased to meet you.
            My name is ***.
            May i introduce myself?
            How do you do?
            How are you? /How are you doing?


            I am www.702iv.com you.認識你深感榮幸。
            It’s a pleasure to know you.認識閣下深感榮幸。
            It’s very nice to have a chance to meet you.真高興能有這個機會認識你。
            Well ! This is a surprise! How have you been?嗯!真是個驚喜!近來可好嗎?
            Hi! Are you having fun?嗨,你過得愉快嗎
            So far so good.到目前還好

            I think I am reasonably frank by nature.我想我生性相當坦率。
            I am quite reserved, but I value friendship.我相當內向,但我重視友誼。

            My name is XX .I'm 21 years old . I like reading books looking for things on the Internet and watching TV .Sometimes I go fishing with my father.My favourite lessons is Chinese . I am good at playing computer games. At weekends I often play basketball with my classmates.

            接著會談及一些背景問題,主要是家庭,教育,工作等。要從容不迫,盡量把話題 引向你準備充分的論題。由于時間有限,所以你說的越多,考官的問話機會就越少。當然也不要強搶話題,要自然有邏輯性地表達觀點,否則適得其反。



            Stage2 背景:
            Does your name have a special meaning?
            where were you born?
            where are you from?
            when did you come to ***?
            why did you choose to live in ***?
            what’s the famous thing in your hometown?
            Could you tell me something about your hometown?
            what is the climate in your home town?
            what do you do for a living?/what’s your job?
            Do you like your job?
            what’s your favorite food?
            Do you have any hobbies?
            what do you do in your spare time?
            what kind of music do you like best?
            what’s the most popular sports in your city?
            Could you tell me something about your family?
            Are you married? Have you any children?
            When did you get married? Could you describe something about your wedding?
            which university did you graduate from?
            what’s your major?
            Do you still keep in touch with your classmates?
            Do you miss your campus life?
            what impessed you most in your university life?
            what are the main festivals in your hometown/country?
            Are there any special activities during the festival?

            然后考官會 給你一張卡片,上面會假定一個場景并要求你通過提問獲得一些具體的信息。這一部分平時要多練習,掌握多樣的問句類型,問題的次序和銜接要根據考官的回答及 時調整。最后你會被問及未來打算,通常會出現很難回答的問題,這是你提高分數的關鍵,不過沒答出也別在意。

            stage3 角色卡:
            The examiner has just booked a holiday at the travel agent.Find out some information about the holiday.
            To find about : the destination
            the form of transport
            the length of the holiday
            the dates of the holiday
            the number of the people going
            the reason for the holiday
            Your computer is broken.Your examiner works in a computer shop.He/She has looked at the computer and is ready to tell you about the problem.
            To find about : the problem
            the possible cause of the problem
            the time needed for repairs
            parts that need to be ordered
            the cost of repairs
            the guarantee
            You are a friend of the interviewer.The interviewer will show you a photograph and a letter.You must ask as much as you can about the letter and photograph.
            To find about : sender
            wher from
            identity of persons in photo
            interviewer’s feelings
            The Student Union at your university is organizing a skiing trip.You are interested in going on the trip.Ask the interviewerquestions to get as mush as you can about it
            To find about : cost
            ski equipment
            numbers going on trip By ask the interviewer ,find out as much as you can about the bookshop discount card.
            To find about : wher
            where it can be obtained
            if you lose the card

            stage4 未來打算:
            what about your future plan?
            Do you think your English is good enough to live in Canada?
            what will you do if you can’t find a job in Canada?
            what’s your biggest problem in emmigrating to Canada? How do you overcome the problems?
            Do you know the biggest difference between Chinese culture and British culture?
            why do you choose Canada as your destination?
            what’s the most attractive thing of Canada for you?
            what do you want to study in Canada?
            where are you going to study in? Why?
            Do you think going abroad will benefit your career?
            When are you going to return China?
            what do you plan to do when you come back to China?
            How long do you think you may need to get used to the new life in Canada?
            Does your wife/husband surpport your plan?
            If you were refused to emmigrate to Canada,what are you going to do?

            最后和考官道別。決竅就是放松,你會發現你有超 水平發揮,口語是最易拿分的,當然拿高分也不容易。

            stage5 道別:
            Good bye.
            Bye bye.
            I am glad to talk with you.
            Thank /the talk.
            See you later.
            It’s really nice to know you.
            I appreciate the time you gave me.

            so long,my friends,see you again.
            It’s really been great talking to you. Have a nice day.

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