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          華爾街基礎英語 Lesson 1

          華爾街基礎英語 Lesson 1

          1. Mary: I’d like to speak to Markel Benie please.
          2. Markel: Is that Mary?
          3. Mary: Yeah! Hello Markel!
          4. Markel: Hello Mary! How are things in Washington?
          5. Mary: I’m not in Washington. I’m in Rome. Will you come and meet me?
          6. Markel: Oh really? That’s fantastic, Mary! Shall I find your hotel?
          7. Mary: Oh, tell I don’t mean the hotel. I can stay at your apartment and try some real Italian food. Is your mother a good cook? And we’d do together again. Isn’t that amazing? Where is it? Anyway look, I’m here in the square. I haven’t …..So I can’t stay for a good long time. Will you come over?
          8. Markel: Where are you exactly?
          9. Mary: I don’t know. It’s a big long square with a lot of tourists and artists and cafes.
          10. Markel: Is that Casibenle?
          11. Mary: Yeah, some Italian name. So how are you Markel? I can’t wait!
          12. Mary: Hello Markel! Look that’s my picture. It’s good, isn’t it? Can you pay it please? I don’t have Italian money. There’s my luggage. Hey what kind of car you have? Is it a big one?
          13. Markel: No. But it’ll be all right, Mary.
          14. Markel: So Mary, these are my parents. This is my mother and my father. Ms. Mary Hatmn.
          15. Markel’s Father: How do you do? Really happy to meet you, Ms Hatmn.
          16. Mary: Hi! So this is your apartment, Markel! It’s not big, is it?
          17. Markel: There are only three of us here. Anyway, never mind. There’s an extra bedroom for you.
          18. Mary: I don’t need a bedroom. I can sleep in your room, can I? Like in the Harst in Washington.
          19. Markel’s Mother: Oh no, Ms Hatmn. You must have your own bedroom. Please come with me.
          20. Mary: This wine is very good. Can I have some please? Oops! ………………
          21. Markel’s Mother: (Italian Sentence).
          22. Mary: What does that mean?
          23. Markel: Oh it means what a nice young girl!
          24. Mary: Thank you very much man.
          25. Markel’s Father: I’m going to bed. It’s late. Good night Mary.
          26. Markel’s Mother: Yes. It’s time foe bed.
          27. Mary: Good night man. Hey Markel, we are alone togehter. Isn’t that great?! Oh we will listen some music. What about this? It’s my bother’s new CD.
          28. Markel: But my parents are in bed.
          29. Markel’s Mother: What’s happening?
          30. Mary: Oh hi, it’s my bother’s group. Isn’t it incredible?
          31. Markel’s Mother: It’s so loud. I can’t sleep.
          32. Markel’s Father: Yes. Why don’t you listen to it tomorrow? We are tired now, I’m afraid.
          33. Mary: Ok Ok I……
          34. Markel’s Mother: Good night.
          35. Marekel: Good night Mary. If you’d like to have a bath, the bathroom is next to your bedroom. See you in the morning.
          36. Markel: Hey, what’s that?
          37. Mary: Oh Markel, I can’t sleep.]
          38. Markel: Oh dear!
          39. Mary: You are happy to see me, aren’t you?
          40. Markel: Yes, of course I am. But Mary, my parents’ bedroom is next door.
          41. Mary: Never mind about your parents Markel. What about your little Mary?
          華爾街基礎英語 Lesson 1

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