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          Recently, more and more cities in China have started to build subways. Developing subways will help reduce traffic jams and air pollution. Subway has its advantages. It is safe, fast and comfortable. More and more people choose to take the subway to work or school every day. It is their main method of transportation. Nowadays, taking subways in China is becoming more and more convenient. In some cities, passengers can just use cards or cellphones to take the subway. Many local older citizens can take the subway for free.


          In recent years, a growing number of Chinese cities have started constructing subways. Developing subways helps reduce the amount of traffic jams and air pollution. Subway has advantages of safety, fast speed and comfort. A growing number of people choose subway as a main mode of transportation on their way to work or school. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly convenient to ride subways in China. In some cities, people can take the subway as long as they have cards or cellphone. A large number of local senior citizens are eligible for free subway rides.


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