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          News report 1

          Q1: Who did Edison raise money for?
          答案:B. Her little brother.

          Q2: How did Edison raise money?
          答案:C. By selling lemonade and pictures.

          News report 2

          Q3: What was France’s purpose of constructing the Wattway?
          答案:C. Providing clean energy to five million people.

          Q4:What is special about the solar panels used in the Wattway?
          答案:B. They can be laid right on top of existing highways.

          News report 3

          Q5: What has is made difficult to survey lions in remote parts of Sudan and Ethiopia?
          答案:A. Endless fighting in the region.
          解析:細節題。開頭原則,視聽一致原則。出現了continuous fighting in the region…與選項信息一致,確定答案。

          Q6: What was the main purpose of the research?
          答案:D. To find evidence of the existence of the “lost lions”.
          解析:細節題。目的題,按照順序中段聽到了the discovery of the lost lions內容,以及catch images… / identify lions’tracks,確定答案。

          Q7: What did the researchers find in the national park?
          答案:B. Lions’tracks.
          解析:細節題。視聽一致原則,依據identify lions’tracks, 確定答案.


          Question 8 to 11 are based on the conversation you have just heard

          8. what is the woman looking forward to?
          A) Her ‘lucky birthday’
          B) A call from her dad
          C) Her wedding anniversary
          D) A special gift from the man

          9. What did the woman’s parents do on her sister’s lucky birthday

          A) Gave her a big model plane
          B) Bought her a gold necklace
          C) Took her on a trip overseas
          D) Threw her a surprise party

          10. what is the woman eager to find out about
          A) The gift her husband has bought
          B) The trip her husband has planned
          C) What has been troubling her husband
          D) What her husband and the man are up to

          11. what did the man say at the end of the conversation?
          A) He will be glad to be guide for the couple’s holiday trip
          B) He will tell the woman the secret if her husband agrees
          C) He is eager to learn how the couple’s holiday turns out
          D) He wants to find out about the couple’s holiday plan

          今年是這個女士的golden birthday, 她很期待。Golden birthday或者lucky birthday是指年紀和出生那天的日子相同的生日,比如她姐姐的生日是12月9號,那么她的golden birthday就是她的九歲生日。女士的丈夫為了她的golden birthday準備了神秘的旅行,她已經迫不及待想知道他們的旅行是去哪里了。對話中的男士也表示好奇,期待他們度假回來聽他們是怎么過的。

          Question 12 to 15 are based on the conversation you have just heard

          12. what’s the man say about a good negotiator
          A) They are sensitive to the dynamics of a negotiation
          B) They see the importance of making compromises
          C) They know when to adopt a tough attitude
          D) They take the rival’s attitude into account

          13. what’s the man say may be the most important thing for a negotiator
          A) They know how to adapt
          B) They know when to stop
          C) They know when to make compromises
          D) They know how to control their emotion

          14. How is a good negotiator different from a poor one
          A) They are patient
          B) They are good at expression
          C) They learn quickly
          D) They uphold their principles

          15. what is the first stage of a negotiation according to the man.
          A) Make clear one’s intentions
          B) Clarify items of negotiation
          C) Formulate one’s strategy
          D) Get to know the other side.






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