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1. As I was just getting familiar with this job, Ihad ________ to ask my boss.
  A) many
  B) most
  C) more
  D) much(D)

  2. ________ quite recently, most mothers inBritain did not take paid work outside the home.
  A) Before
  B) Until
  C) From
  D) Since(B)

  3. The survival of civilization as we know it is ________ threat.
  A) within
  B) under
  C) towards
  D) upon(B)

  4. Scientists say it may be five or ten years ________ it is possible to test thismedicine on human patients.
  A) since
  B) before
  C) after
  D) when(B)

  5. In some countries, ________ is called “equality” does not really mean equal rightsfor all people.
  A) which
  B) what
  C) that
  D) one(B)

  6. I walked too much yesterday and ________ are still aching now.
  A) my leg’s muscles
  B) my muscles of leg
  C) my leg muscles
  D) my muscles of the leg(C)

  7. Radio, television and press ________ of conveying news and information.
  A) are the most three common means
  B) are the most common three means
  C) are the three most common means
  D) are three the most common means(C)

  8. Liquids are like solids ________ they have a definite volume.
  A) in that
  B) for that
  C) with that
  D) at that(A)

  9. When a fire ________ at the National Exhibition in London, at least ten pricelesspaintings were completely destroyed.
  A) broke off
  B) broke out
  C) broke down
  D) broke up(B)

  10. The destruction of these treasures was a loss for mankind that no amount ofmoney could ________.
  A) stand up to
  B) make up for
  C) come up with
  D) put up with(B)

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