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1.You make me sick!你真讓我惡心透了!
2.What's wrong with you?/What's your problem? 你怎么回事?
3.I'm very disappointed. 我太失望了。
4.Don't talk to me like that!別那樣和我說話!
5.Are you insane/crazy/out of you mind?你瘋了嗎?
6.Don't bother me. 少煩我。
7.Knock it off. 別跟我來這套。
8.Get out of my face. 快從我眼前消失!
9.Who do you think you are?你以為你是哪根蔥?
10.Leave me alone. 走開別煩我!
11.Take a hike!一邊玩蛋去!
12.You piss me off. 氣死爹了。
13.It's none of your business. 不關你的事!
14.Mind your own business!先管好你自己的事吧!
15.How dare you!你好大的膽子!
16.You stupid jerk!你這蛇精病!
17.You chicken! 你這膽小鬼!
18.Cut it out. 省省吧。
19.You have a lot of nerve. 你臉皮可真厚。
20.I've had enough of your garbage. 我聽膩了你的廢話.
21.What do you want?你想怎樣?
22.Do you know what time it is?你知道現在都幾點了嗎?
23.What were you thinking!你腦子進水了?
24.How can you say that?你怎么能這么說?
25.Don't look at me like that. 別那樣看著我。
26.You make me so mad. 你把我氣瘋了。
27.Don't give me your shoot. 收起你的鬼話。

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