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2013.6 英語四級完形答案及解析第二套(滬江)


UK households are cutting back on spending at the fastest rate since 1980. This is __67__ to the worst economic slowdown in three decades.

  Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed __68__ spending fell by 1.2% in the first three months of the year. People spent less on housing, household goods and services, __69__ those who went on holiday abroad also spent __70__ less.

  Consumers tightened their belts __71__ the face of job losses, pay __72__ or freezes and sharply reduced City bonuses. The figures showed employees' __73__ falling by 1.1% in the quarter, the largest fall __74__ records began in 1955. Wages and salaries declined, __75__ lower bonus payments in the financial sector than normal, while __76__ also fell.

  The data was __77__ as part of the ONS's latest assessment of the UK economy, which __78__ that gross domestic product (GDP) shrank by 1.9% in the first quarter, __79__sharpest decline since 1979. GDP stood 4.1% __80__ than a year ago, the biggest annual fall since 1980.

  "The breakdown(分析) of first-quarter GDP gives a pretty __81__ picture of weakness right across the __82__ in the early months of this year," said Jonathan Loynes of Capital Economics.

  "With __83__ components like household spending and investment set to fall considerably further in __84__ to the weakness in the housing market, the labour market and bank lending, we __85__ unconvinced that recent 'green shoots' will translate __86__ a return to decent growth next year."

  67. A. submitting B. resorting C. contributing D. extending
  68. A. personnel B. consumer C. folk D. client
  69. A. while B. although C. because D. but
  70. A. instantly B. simultaneously C. significantly D. actively
  71. A. at B. in C. up D. over

  72. A. dives B. pauses C. halts D. cuts
  73. A. composition B. conservation C. compensation D. construction
  74. A. since B. when C. as D. until
  75. A. to B. by C. for D. with
  76. A. competition B. employment C. achievement D. attraction

  77. A. released B. relieved C. related D. relaxed
  78. A. promoted B. justified C. confirmed D. advocated
  79. A. whose B. this C. their D. its
  80. A. poorer B. slimmer C. weaker D. lower
  81. A. amazing B. depressing C. blurring D. puzzling

  82. A. economy B. finance C. business D. commerce
  83. A. right B. free C. cheap D. key
  84. A. opposition B. response C. regard D. contrast
  85. A. remain B. maintain C. retain D. sustain
  86. A. toward B. through C. into D. beyond


  67. C. contributing
  考查動詞。submit to 表示“服從”;resort to 表示“求助,訴諸于”;contribute to表示“有助于,促進”; extend to 表示“延伸到”。
  68. B. consumer
  考查名詞。consumer spending表示“消費性支出”。
  69. A. while
  考查連詞。本題考查考生對上下句關系的理解,上半句說人們在住房、日用品及服務上的支出減少了,下半句說出國度假的人花費也減少了,由此可見前后句是一個并列的關系,所以用while。although 表示讓步;because表示原因; but 表示轉折。
  70. C. significantly
  考查副詞辨析。instantly 表示“立即地,馬上地”;simultaneously 表示“同時地”;significantly表示“顯著地;重要地”; actively表示“積極地,活躍地”。不難看出這里是說出國度假的人花費也明顯減少了,因此選significantly。
  71. B. in
  考查介詞。該題較為簡單,in the face of為固定短語,表示“面對……”。

  72. D. cuts
  考查名詞。pay cuts表示“減薪”,pay freezes表示“工資凍結”。dive表示“潛水”;halt表示“停止”;pause表示“暫停,間歇”。
  73. C. compensation
  考查名詞辨析。composition表示“作文;組成”;conservation表示“保存;保護”;compensation表示“報酬;補償”;construction 表示“建筑;建筑物”。這里表示工人們的報酬下降了,所以用compensation。
  74. A. since
  考查連詞。since 表示“從……以來”,上文提到工人們的報酬本季度下降了1.1%,這個下降的幅度是自1955年有記錄以來最低的,所以用since。
  75. D. with
  76. B. employment
  考查名詞辨析。competition 表示“競爭”;employment表示“就業”;achievement表示“成就,成績”; attraction表示“吸引,吸引力”。伴隨著工資的下降,競爭肯定越來越激烈,失業的越來越多,所以就業率就會下降。

  77. A. released
  考查動詞辨析。release表示“發布;釋放”; relieve表示“解除,減輕”;relate表示“聯系;敘述”;relax 表示“放松”。這里release表示“發布”,句子意思是這份數據是作為ONS這個組織對英國經濟評估報告的一部分來對外發布的。
  78. C. confirmed
  考查動詞。promote表示“促進,提升”;justify表示“證明……是合法的”;confirm表示“確認,證實”;advocate 表示“提倡,主張”。句子意思是這份數據證實了第一季度GDP下降了1.9%這一事實。
  79. D. its
  80. D. lower
  考查形容詞比較級。從后半句“the biggest annual fall since 1980”可以得出GDP肯定是比去年降低了4.1%,所以用lower。poor表示“貧窮的”;slim表示“苗條的”;weak表示“虛弱的”。
  81. B. depressing

  82. A. economy
  83. D. key
  考查形容詞。key components為固定短語,表示“基礎部分,關鍵部分”。
  84. B. response
  考查名詞。in response to表示“響應,反應”,這里表示由于房地產市場、勞動力市場以及銀行借貸的疲軟,由此產生的影響就是家庭支出以及投資的大幅下降。
  85. A. remain
  86. C. into
  考查介詞。translate into含義為“轉化為;翻譯成”,本題表示“轉化成”。

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